So last Thursday I got an email from a blog regular Scott (maybe you have seen his comments here from time to time?) who informed me he lived in Las Vegas and would like to meet up. Friday evening I was able to meet Scott and his girl friend Anne Marie for a very nice conversation while I chowed down on some very good chicken soup. I was glad that my being sick didnt scare them off, and after dinner, I decided to take them on a short photo session throughout the Mandalay Bay (where I was staying) on a texture safari (an exercise to find interesting Textures or Backgrounds). The best part of it was none of us were expecting to do a shoot, it was a kinda, oh what the heck kind of thing and I tried to explain to Scott what I was doing and why…it was a lot of fun!
Scott and Anne Marie, it was great meeting you. I sincerely hope to see you again!