Ladies and Gentlemen…I am pleased to announce the first of TWO new assistants working for me. Yes, this is correct. There is a second position being offered here shortly, more on this later.

My first full time Assistant will be Adam Pope. There is no question in my mind that he is the most qualified for the position, as he has done tons of part time work for me over the years, first with weddings, then with the creation of several of my training videos. He is an outstanding cameraman, editor, owns a Mac Pro 12 Core, with something like 64 GB of RAM, including Premiere Pro, owns a Canon 60D, all the gear, has tons of video and shooting experience, knows my editing style inside and out & loves his iPhone.

A little history about how this whole assistantship search started was I initially offered the position to Adam over a month or so ago. Adam lives in Selma, Alabama and wasn’t exactly sure if Maui was for him, which of course is understandable. This was his only hang up. I figured this would be a pretty big move for him and he needed some time to think about it, and he asked if I could try to hold off until the first week of July, which I agreed to. We spoke today and Adam has accepted the position. He will relocate here and begin work in the first week of July. A huge congratulations to Adam! I am very excited to have you on board FULL TIME and looking forward to kicking a lot of butt on all these things we have to do.

Here is a picture I took of Adam last year when he was out here working on the Business Crash Course DVD:
Now, about this second position….Shortly after I initially offered the job to Adam, I looked over the number of projects I have just sitting here, needing so much attention and love (think Lighting DVD, Wedding DVD, books, apps, etc). I realized it may not be enough to have just one assistant, especially in light that Adam may not accept the position. I had to have at least 2-4 other additional people at least ready to accept it. This is when I initiated the search. The guy who is getting a shot at the second position found the opening on a Google Search, he already lives here and is also very highly qualified.

He has not yet locked down his job, we are doing some trial runs and tests next week. Still getting to know him, but I think I will have a fun time working together. He still needs to demonstrate a few skills to me. We will see how it goes, if he does well, I will be announcing him shortly.

Both Adam and the second assistant will have specific daily tasks and long term projects that will free up my time and resources to get so many projects back on track and I am really looking forward to working with them both.

Feels kinda cool to know I created 2 jobs!

I also wanted to say thank you so much to everyone who applied. I received TONS of applications and emails and have already responded to the top applicants. In the unlikely event something doesn’t go well, those who were in the top 5 can expect to hear from me.