Wanted to let everyone know that in addition to Adam, I am in the process of training a second assistant named Keoni. Keoni is in his third week of training and I think he is going to do very well. Keoni’s main focus will be on everything to do with my Apps; development, testing, customer service and marketing, however he is also trained as a video editor. Both he and Adam are cross trained on each others jobs, so between the three of us I believe we can get a tremendous amount of work done, be it videos, apps or whatever other project is on the table.

Keoni is super qualified as my app assistant, he is a former Apple Genius who specialized in iPods, so he is very familiar the the technology as well as the culture. We have no less than 5 new Apps in development as I write this, as well as major updates to all current ones. Looking back, I had been spending between 20-30 hours a week on Apps alone, this was just too much for me considering everything else I was juggling.

The Apps are surprising me a little, I do not feel I have a solid understanding of them, especially in terms of marketing, but I am learning some very neat tricks. 4 of my apps have consistently been in the top 100 for their categories for the last month.

Having Adam and Keoni has been HUGE. I will never understand how I managed to do so much of this on my own for so long, but now it is much easier for me to focus on finishing the book (editing the 6th draft now) as well as content development for the LIghting DVD. I spend mornings on the book and afternoons on the videos. In a way it is crazy, I break up my tasks into chunks and know that if I spend x amount of time on those 2 projects a day, it will get done in a certain time. The mistake is to try to rush through it and get it done. When you are writing a book or producing a DVD that will never work. You have to be consistent and satisfied with doing very small pieces day after day. In a way it is driving me crazy because I just want to be finished, but in the end I know the quality will be better when I am patient and meticulous.

Aiming for an Aug 31st Digital Release date for the book, with a printed version a few months after. Digital version should be $9.99- I will definitely have more announcements coming as we wrap it up.