As some of you have probably realized, I am just absolutely swamped with work and have been falling behind on the ol blog. The last few months have been brutal on me because I have been running the entire show alone, both production and customer service since November of last year.

I am happy to announce that a long time student and past photography contest winner Kate Justice is auditioning for a full time position starting on August 18th. Kate will be responsible for all of the customer service support, as well as forums, contests and social media so I can get back focused on production and product design. If she does well, Ill be ready to offer her a promotion as well. Its amazing how much work is involved in running your own business, and it isnt as easy as one thinks to find good, reliable and consistent help.

Having Kate on board is a huge burden off my shoulders. Just in time for the 70D Crash Course coming up in the next 2 weeks, as well as our annual contest coming soon.

Thank you Kate for helping me out, I am excited for this opportunity for both of us!