Finally some sweet, sweet revenge.

Dont ever buy an external hard drive from Maxtor or Seagate, which makes Maxtor. I went out 2 months ago to get a quality, sturdy hard drive to back up some of the video projects I have. I spent $230 on a one TB external firewire Maxtor One touch. Ive used it 3 times. Today it stopped working completely.

The kicker was, when I called their customer support line, I was funneled through a series of options and was delivered to “We are sorry, due to complications, we are unable to take your call at this time. We have some information on our site that should help…yada yada- Good bye.”

Im not even going to deal with trying to save this thing, luckily I keep 2 copies of archived files. Not only is this thing junk, their customer service is worse. Its a waste of money.