Just wanted to give everyone a heads up that the forum has moved servers and URLs. We were having a lot of problems with spammers in the old forum, and there also some really buggy things that would prevent me from putting in cool features, like a chat room, and other advanced add ons.

I absolutely did not want to change URLs as the original URL is listed on all of my videos, but considering all the other problems we had with the store and school being tied into one site, it made more sense to make the break and set it up on it’s own independent server and host, supported by a team of experts who will take good care of it. This should help everything run smoother.

Presently, the forum looks identical to the old one, but expect this to change in a few days as well. We are adding many new features to make it better, work faster and be more user friendly.

We have also opened up registration, but it is not immediate, it will take 1-2 days to approve. We are hoping this will deter some of the spammers.

Thank you for your patience!