Its been extremely busy production wise for the last couple months. Its good because I get to make more training videos for new camera owners. Its bad because it seems thats all I do now.

Nikon D5200 Crash Course – Finished
Canon T5i Crash Course – Finished
Nikon D7100 Crash Course- Finished – post production (mainly download and DVD authoring).
Canon SL1 Crash Course – Nearing Completion, I would say we have about 1-2 weeks before the download is ready.

I also have a Nikon 910 Speedlight Crash Course as a potential project, its probably going to happen this year, but I can’t say when. Ill probably need a break after the SL1 video is finished.

Canon is expected to announce the 70D sometime in the month of June, but I could be wrong on this.

Other Things I have going on:

– Huge App Project, nearing 3 years in the making. I think its another 6 months before it will be ready. Of all the things I have ever attempted, this has the most potential.

– Maven Adapter – Selling a bunch of them, look for them to be available on the store shortly. Im looking for a manufacturing partner, but US suppliers want to charge an arm and a leg for tooling, then the individual units would be 5 times more expensive than to print on my own. Looking into other options.

– New 365 Website under development. We ran into a few speed bumps earlier this year and were not able to launch our annual 365 project due to some programming issues. Working out all the kinks now and are getting there. I also have 2 really big projects associated with it that will need to be ready before we launch. Hopefully this summer.

– 3D Printing Projects- This is more of a hobby I do in the evenings, but I’m working on lenses now. Hopefully Ill have some interesting things to show you all soon.

Ive turned down a number of other projects so I can focus on these and get them finished before moving on.

Thanks to everyone for your patience and I look to getting more great videos and gear ready for you!