Maven Mount Dual Cold Shoe Go Pro DSLR Mount ~ Have you ever needed to feed 2 microphones into a single camera mic port, and have no way to do it? Sure there are some XLR input preamp devices that will do it for a few hundred bucks, but they are too big, bulky and expensive (we have one) We were recently shooting we and we kept running into this need for 2 microphones going into one camera. I tinkered around on my 3D printer and this is what I came up with, which I am calling the “Maven Mount”. The microphones feed into a stereo breakout cable, which separates them into individual channels. Once the footage is imported, you can edit and manage each channel individually. It’ll also hold a small Rode mic with a lav, or a go pro with Rodelav, or just a go pro. The go pro mount will also hold an iPhone for various uses which I’ll demonstrate shortly on my YouTube channel. It also has a quick release in the front that will fit on different cameras. I’ve made 10 extras if anyone is interested let me know and I’ll send you a link. #mavenmount