Wanted to announce that we have many new features in the forum. The first thing we did was move the forums to their own host and server, this will allow for greater bandwidth and also prevent certain issues from happening. Occasionally, when there was a lot of use on the forum it would crash the server, so we wanted to isolate it. The server issues also meant we were unable to have some very cool features like a chat room.

My programming team has also updated the forum to the latest version, which works much better, has fewer bugs and more security features.

Two awesome mods we have are, #1- A shout box, this is like an open chat room for everyone to comment and say hi or whatever, we had it before for a few days about a 2 years ago before it crashed the server. Seems to be working great now and it allows registered forum members to talk in real time:We have also installed a fully functional “Chat Room” which gives more chatting features, including smaller group chats. The shout box is a “general” type of way to communicate with everyone on the forum, but if you are trying to have a discussion about something like Tilt Shift Lenses only, it is kind of hard with everyone jumping into talk about whatever. The chat room is not live yet, but I imagine will be later on today.The Chat Room will also allow me to get on occasionally and have group discussions with anyone who is interested. There is more coming and we are taking it one step at a time, but now that we have the forums in the hands of a full time programming team, we can make many cool additions in a relatively short amount of time.

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