“Michael The Maven App” is now available for native iPad use. (BTW- it was specifically designed for the iPad, and just had a little bug that prevented it from showing up on the store.)Again, it’s free and you can download it here:

Michael The Maven App for iPad, iPhone and iTouch

As far today’s fishing trip went: Wow…what a great day we had today! Our 6 hour trip turned into a 9 hours and all I can say is: It’s 7:26pm and I am completely wiped out. I am going to bed. Few more fun details, I lost my beloved Black Alabama Hat (its somewhere in the Pacific Ocean) along with my filter holder and set. One bump and another gust of wind and they were all gone. We still had a lot of fun and I took many pictures to post. And yes….we caught many fish!! I have a lot to share about this, we learned so much about fishing.

We ran out of time this evening as we didnt get back right until sunset, we are going back to interview the Fisherman who took us out tomorrow morning. I am loving how it is all tying into the new video.