Michael’s custom designed and 3D Printed Adapters are now available for purchase on his store: Maven Adapters – Sky Cam AdaptersHaving sold out on three different occasions now, I am happy to announce that we have a limited number of Maven Adapters in stock again. Color is Gray or Black (we will send you what we have). At least now it will be easier for everyone to purchase them online and have them shipped directly from the warehouse instead of me having to run down to the post office personally.

This will probably be the last available batch for a while. The adapters themselves are awesome, fun, easy to use, get your creative ideas going, etc, the problem is, they take a serious amount of time to make, 2.5 hours on the 3D printer alone. So while its a good product, I definitely have a production concern and am looking for a manufacturing partner now. I guess what I am saying is, if I can’t find a reasonable way/cost to manufacture these on a larger scale, Im not sure Ill be making many more of these, if you are interested, get them while you still can. I expect to be sold out shortly.

Im continuing to get a lot of great feedback and sample images from those who already have them and are using them in the field. Thank you to Dave Frye and Steve Morovek for allowing me to share their images:

Daves Wedding Website: Magic Your Way Weddings

Steve excellently demonstrates the change of perspective when shooting landscape or real estate photography when using the Maven Adapter:Maven Adapters – Sky Cam Adapters