My friend Tobias Schuermann, an outstanding landscape photographer over on Oahu sent me these pictures the other day. They are some of his first using the Maven Adapter, which allows for photographers to attach a camera to the end of a window cleaners pole, and my understanding he is using a 4-8′ pole. Its amazing to me how much of a difference the perspective changes with just a few feet:Toby is an outstanding photographer and I hope to do a featured article on him in the near future, but definitely check out his website, especially if you are a landscape photographer:

www.tobyvisuals.comIve made some adjustments to the Maven Adapter, and now the 2 hot shoe mounts are compatible for both Nikon as well as Canon and the Go Pro Mount fits better.

I made a few yesterday so I do have them in limited quantities again, right now they are $40 with $5 shipping, but once they go on the store shipping cost goes up to $8.95 because of the handling fee I am charged by my shipping company. If you are interested in getting one of them, just leave comments below and I will be in touch with you.

I also have a few really fun videos coming on how to use the Adapter and why it is so awesome, and those videos are coming soon. Been so super busy with the D7100 Training Tutorial Crash Course which should wrap editing today, download should be ready next week sometime. Ill post more on this soon.