I try to spend at least a half hour each day reading a self-improvement book, and another half hour reading a skill type book- on any subject that interests me. Ultimately, your value is determined by your skill sets, and if you are not improving, you will always peak out sooner or later. You can give yourself a raise by increasing your skill sets your entire life. Always get better than you are today. Find the time to invest in yourself at least half an hour each day and it will always pay off over the long run. Im finding if I read on the elliptical, I tend to enjoy both more. I have a deal with myself that I cannot buy any new books until I finish the last one I am reading.

I’m absolutely loving this book: Master Shots – By Chris Kenworthy
It really should be Titled “Moving the Camera for Motion Pictures 101”. It’s extremely simple, well illustrated, but most importantly, it defines the relationship between the motivation of the story and the movement of the camera. If you are a dSLR owner interested in movie making, I would say this is a must read.