First of all I want to thank – Maui Dreams Dive Shop in Kihei for all the training, instruction, fun and good people who all work there. I have made a bunch of friends with these guys and if you are coming to Maui to get certified, this is the company you want to go with. This training has been really important as I am expanding my photography repertoire to include underwater / scuba work.

I got my original Open Water Scuba Diver certification back in 2002, hadn’t really done much with it with the exception of some little dives here and there. When I was prepping for my Burma trip, I got back into the water. Shortly after that trip I told myself, that if I was going to be on Maui, I might as well try to take advantage of the great opportunity to get as much scuba diving training as possible. I want to become a great scuba photographer and if I was going to be in the water that much, it would be wise to get more training. It was also a good way to get me out of the editing room. Slowly chipping away at it each week, I have finally completed my Master’s Scuba Diving Certification as of this morning, which is the highest non-professional certification Padi offers. Since pursuing it, I earned the following certifications:

– Advanced Open Water
– Underwater Vehicle Certification
– Night Diver Certification
– Nitrox Diver Certification
– Peak Buoyancy Certification
– Underwater Navigation Certification
– Emergency First Responder
– Rescue Diver

The next step would be “Dive Master”, and while I know that sounds very similar, it is very different in that it is the first step towards becoming a professional diver. Would allow me to plan and lead dives, take groups out (not instruct).

Not really sure if this is the route I want to go, I want to get back into doing photography dives again, but I have a feeling I will eventually because I am also interested in becoming a certified “Scuba Photography Instructor” but this would take some time to get to that level, and I might have to hold off on it for now. So many things I want to do, so little time!