If you are doing an internet search for reviews on a Marketing Company called “Marketing Mavens” (coincidentally named), run by a person named Jarrod Morris, you are forewarned- Do NOT EVER work with them.

The dust is still settling, and it is a long story, but the short of it is; they promised to integrate some software called “Infusionsoft” which manages newsletters, with my store. It sure sounded fantastic and a powerful tool to help me stay in touch with my customers and newsletter subscribers and I was excited for what it could do.

The Infusionsoft Membership was $2000 and $300 per month after that.
Jared’s Marketing Mavens wanted another $900, a downpayment of $50/hr on 20 hours of support.
As it turns out, Infusionsoft doesn’t play nice with my store, so I had to purchase a plugin from a company called “MarketStreet” which appeared to have a solution, its normally $1500, but was on sale for about $950. You can probably see where this is going.
I also had to have my own programmers talk with Marketing Mavens and MarketStreet at a rate of $100/hr, as well as pay my assistant Kate to handle the transition from Mail Chimp (fantastic company and product btw).

Long story short, the Marketstreet plugin did not work at all and neither they nor Marketing Mavens were able to help me get it sorted out.

4 Months and $6500 (total) and a lot of patience later, I made a final plea to Jarrod and his team on the phone for help getting everything working. The main problem was that I did not understand what information Market Street needed to resolve the bug in the plug in, they would ask me, I would ask Jarrod’s staff for help, and they would just ignore my requests, despite promising to do so on our last phone conversation.

Another week or so, I finally just gave up. Jarrod seems to believe that because we used up our 20 hours of service trying to get it installed, his part was done, despite the fact infusionsoft was never successfully integrated with my store.

– If a company isn’t going to help you as a new customer, they won’t help you as an old one.
– If a company does not offer a money back guarantee, they aren’t capable of doing good business. Yes they will take your money, but no, they do not really care about you.

Based on my personal experience with Marketing Mavens and my communications with Jarrod Morris, I cannot endorse them and would recommend that you never do business with them.

I am waiting to hear back from Infusionsoft Headquarters to see what they say on the matter, they might actually see where I am coming from but it is hard to say. I imagine they have a good product, but we couldn’t get it to work for us. It was a tremendous hassle to integrate and it’s dashboard was impossible to understand.

I will also ask Market Street for a refund, their plug supposedly works, but we were never able to get it to do so with our site. I am waiting to hear back from them for a refund.

Marketing Mavens also is not accredited by the BBB and has an “F” score rating you can see here:Marketing Mavens – Better Business Bureau – F Rating