Yesterday I had the pleasure to shoot the 50th wedding anniversary of Marie and Preston. Marie is the sister of Doreen Pepper, who is the mother of Ryan Gunnells (whose wedding I shot last summer) (they have many pictures which rotate through the top banner of this blog). Ive done a few shoots for Doreen and was happy to make the drive up to Anniston to spend the afternoon with everyone.

We had a wonderful meal at the Classic on Noble St. In Anniston which was FABULOUS, followed by a ceremony renewing the wedding vows, which was performed by Brother Kughn, the same minister which officiated 50 years ago. How cool is that?Marie had saved her wedding dress and her niece Madora wore it for a few quick pictures. This is the first time in my professional career, as well as life, that I have ever seen a preserved wedding dress to be used in such an appropriate way. I looked very closely at the dress, it was in Amazing condition….it seemed the material was different in some way, cant quite put my finger on it, but it looked brand new. This picture was taken on the steps of the church where Marie and Preston were married. The picture cut out, Doreen’s idea, was taken on the same steps 50 years ago! 🙂 This was so neat to be part of and I am so thankful that Doreen, Marie and Preston as well as all their family members invited me to be part of their day. As a wedding photographer, I see a lot of happy beginnings. It was so COOL to see a couple in as love as any couple I have every shot, 50 years after the big day. It was very, very nice- and it was clear that Marie and Preston have many, many happy years to come.