Im prepping for another trip to Burma in February, this time to do surface water photography. (Still a lot of gear to purchase and techniques to practice). Being scuba certified, I also need to start getting back into diving here on Maui, and eventually get into deeper underwater photography. I also occasionally like to snorkel here when I can.

One question I get common to all three of these activities is: What is a good quality diving/snorkeling mask?

I have invested some good money into several different brands. Even Wal-Mart sells (cheap) snorkel equipment which is also about the cost it would be to rent the gear.

The important thing when it comes to masks is the seal that forms between your mask and skin around your eyes and below your nose. If there is even a small leak, you will be miserable the whole dive. Another issue is comfort. Sometimes the hard part of the mask rubs into your nose or lip- extremely uncomfortable.

The most comfortable mask I have ever used (again I have owned 7-8 different brands) is the Mares Liquid Skin. Seriously, the most ridiculously comfortable diving masks around. The silicone rubber material is extremely light and extremely comfortable. While they run around $100- they are completely worth it if you ever get into the water more than a few times a year.