From Michael:

Another great day. Ken and I headed north to Ofunato, long story short, we found 4 locations that needed assistance, all if them were asking for clean clothing and underwear. Many of the refugees have been wearing the same clothing since the day if the tsunami. We are also getting requests for food “besides water and rice”. It seems like they have plenty of those from the security forces, but not a lot of variety beyond that. We are in a good position to help them because I know that Meysen has quite a bit of clothing, and we know of some distribution centers that are just sitting on it. Some of them are so unorganized that you could probably walk in and just take the stuff and they wouldn’t even know it or care- but if you asked them for permission, they would say no- and then it would sit there for another week.

Nate Farnsworth spent most of the day sorting clothing – he has such a good attitude about helping wherever he is needed.

More good news about Abe and Baba Nakayama- the Samaritan’s Purse leadership came in to visit them (a three hour drive each way) when Nathan B brought them a second delivery today. From what I understand, SP is committing significant resources to help them rebuild, but we do not have all the details.

Thomas from Meysen is bringing up some tents and heavy equipment as well- a lot of great things are happening for them. Nathan Broman said Abe broke down to tears and expressed deep gratitude saying “90% of what we have received has come from you…” All from one little GPS tag- it’s so humbling to be a part of it.

I think as a team we are getting more and more efficient. We are hearing some reports of some very northern towns really struggling, so I may be headed up there tomorrow. Nathan B and Co. will probably work on finding all the resources for today’s tags. I have made some really good friends with the Meysen group and I feel right at home with them.

I am bummed about missing Mark’s show on Lifetime, I will love to watch it when I get back. If you have access to the show, do not miss it. Such a Great story about a true American hero and one of my very best friends. I think about Mark everyday and miss him so much.

Looking forward to another great day tomorrow.