This is the first of a new category I have on the blog. A trend I am seeing is so many photographers are copying each other it makes me sick. I understand that in the very beginning, when someone is just learning this is a good way to get started. However, there comes a point, when if you are going to good at this you have to develop your own style, look, and niche. Something that is completely different than everyone else, yet consistently unique.

I hope to continue this at least once every 1-2 weeks as a way to promote photographers who are being different or finding a unique style/niche and inspire creativity. Im accepting submissions by email, as well as looking for some on my own. I hope its a win-win for everyone and look forward to seeing how this goes.


Today’s featured Photographer is Marc Harmon from Orlando, Florida. There are many, MANY things I LOVE about his work. Instead of me just popping off on what I like, I am going to ask you beloved blog reader to train your eye to see what is going on here, and leave your answers in the comments box. If you do this exercise, I promise you, you will be more mindful of these elements when you shot.

Try to find at least 5 things that Marc does consistently well, particularly in these three images.

If you can see them…what are they?For more information about Marc, check out his website: Marc Harmon Photography

….and look at the feedback from his customers! : Marc Harmon’s Customer Reviews