I realize that there may be some who may be confused as to where I went and how I got there.

Got to the airport in Maui about 2 hours before leaving
Took a flight from Maui to Oahu 1/2 hr, 3 hour layover
Took a flight from Oahu to Seoul, South Korea. Oddly the flight takes about 4 hours longer on the way there, nearly 11 hours.
Took a flight from Seoul to Phuket, it was about 7 hours in the air.
Go through customs, get bags, taxi cab driver gets lost. Ugh, another 2 hours.The following Day, Paul and I took a cab up to Rawnong, Thailand which is just across from Burma. It was about a 4.5 hour drive. Go through customs, about 40 minute boat trip across the channel. Met up with Jack and our boat in Burma, then took a 5 hour boat trip up the coast to where the Mokens live.