Had 2 great boat dives this am, first was at Molokini (water clarity was amazing, 100+ feet) and a second at Makena Point, visibility there was about 25+ feet (many more critters though). Gearing up for 2 more dives tonight with Ryan at Mala Wharf (never dove there at night, but we know there are a couple bigger sharks out there). Tomorrow morning we are going deep sea fishing with Armelio (he helped with the Business Crash Course). Should be an amazing time.

Ill have tons of more pictures to post soon, going to be a very busy next 24 hours.

Snowflake Eel:160, 7.1, ISO 125

Canon 5DII , with Ikelite Water Housing and 2 Ikelite 161 Underwater Strobe / Movie Light . Canon 28mm 2.8 Lens

7-11 Crab (Named for the 7 Red Spots on Top and 11 underneath):