Took one of my good friend Ryan out for his first night dives last night, just me and him. No other divers were out, and it can be a little creepy but he did great. Visibility was about 15 feet, which is less than spectacular, but at least I was still able to practice my underwater techniques. Im really liking my new cheapo 28mm 2.8, for wider angle type shots (there is also a limit on flash coverage, so getting too wide, say 15mm for a night dive wouldn’t really add any benefit unless I had more strobes.

As with anything, the more and more reps I get with my housing and lights, the more confident I am becoming. While we didn’t see a whole lot creature wise, I am happy with the clarity and sharpness I am starting to get.Navigating a night can be really confusing, but thankfully we were able to find the bubble cave (it is FULL of turtles!).