This is fun! Cinemagraphs are really cool still images where one element of the picture has movement. Facebook partnered with Flixel and their Cinemagraph Pro app and you can make your profile picture a cinemagraph for free. They also reached out the Fstoppers to make a few tutorial videos on how to quickly and easily make your very own profile picture cinemagraph.

Here are the steps outline by Fstoppers:

1. Download the Cinemagraph Pro app by Flixel on your iPhone or iPad.
2. Stabilize your camera with either a tripod or by leaning it up against something sturdy.
3. Set the aspect ratio to 1X1 for your square Facebook profile video.
4. Set your frame rate to 60 FPS for the option to use slow motion later.
5. Record 10 seconds of video.
6. Choose the still frame with the white slider on top of the timeline and move the white tabs on the sides to change the length of the looping video.
7. Paint in the areas of the frame that you want to show motion.
8. Tap “export” and then Facebook Profile Video.

Sounds easy enough but for more explanation and some fun ideas check out the videos below.