This is the last and final category. A huge thank you to everyone who entered, we appreciate all of you.

I think this is what we are going to do for prizes:

1st Place- Choice of Michael Andrew Paintballer Pro or Michael Andrew Lollipops
2nd Place- DVD of Choice from Store
3rd Place- 20 minute phone call with Michael
4th Place- 10 minute phone call with Michael
5th Place- Portfolio review with suggestions

If you are the winner for the 1st or 2nd places for any of the categories, email me with your choices and I will get them out to you asap. 🙂
Ill be scheduling the phone calls sometime next week.
Here are your top winners for the Macro Category:

1st Place- Scott Roeben
2nd Place- Enis Alsan
3rd Place- Danny Bjorklund
4th Place- Caridad DiBuono
5th Place- Diane Cotter

Honorable Mentions-

Troy Iron Wing
Brent Halstead
Yvonne Olds
Patsy Amerine
Lauri Glenn

Congratulations! You are all now Officially “Award Winning Photographers” !! 🙂

Please let me know if Ive messed up anything- Sorry if I did! You are probably wondering who will win the Canon T1i Rebel, well…more to come on this, but there will be a 3 way voting system, each worth a third of the points allotted for the totals. There will be a public vote, a group of my photographer friends will vote, and I will vote. We add up the points and the winner will get the camera (as soon as we are done filming, which should be sometime this month.)

More to come!