I first saw this in Japan when I was working with some of the Grape City guys. It takes a lot for me to be impressed with a watch – one of the assistant editors was wearing one and I was like….”What is that…?!??!” He replied: “It’s an iPod Nano!!” – Thats right, you can wear your iPod Nano like a watch, and also have all of your favorite Music, Photos, Exercise Meter, Pod Casts, Radio (yes…Nanos have built in radios) all in your watch! I decided to go with the Red one, a nice change up to my cheap digital Ironman watch.

Let me say there are a few things I don’t like about it:

1. While you can plug in a Niike Exercise module to track you workouts, I don’t suspect these are very waterproof.
2. When you play music on it, its impossible to turn the music “off” by pushing a button, you have to turn the radio on and then unplug your earphones.
3. You have to plug it in every week or so to charge it.

There are several companies that make different versions of these, but the one I liked the most was made by a company called Luna Tik.