If you exercise more than once a week, you are going to want to check this out. A good friend of mine introduced me to the Lululemon clothing line about 6 months ago. It seems they are primarily focused on Yoga active women, but they do have a smaller selection of men’s clothing. Seems though that have a ridiculous amount of cool clothing for women though.

Bar none, Lululemon is the most comfortable clothing I have ever worn. I find myself wearing it outside of the gym more than inside. There is something about the material, aside from the silver threads used to inhibit bacteria, and the no chafing seams, that just make you want to put this stuff on. Holy cow.

Being that it is based in Canada, there are many Lululemon stores popping up all over the US. If you have one in your area, definitely check it out and try some on. I hate to say this because I have been a long time Nike lover, but its better than Nike.