I had a question from one of our blog readers who asks:

What are those backpacks you use? I have out grown my small side bag, and I really don’t want a huge one, but the smaller backpack that they have at bestbuy that has the camera compartment with room for a laptop doesn’t look that big. What would you suggest?

What I suggest is this bag:

(This isnt my gear, but it gives you an idea. I have configured mine to hold two bodies with the lenses ON and ready to go. Its been great!)The Lowepro Computrekker- Runs about $100 brand new on Ebay. There are a few versions of it. Now let me say this, a photographer’s bag is like a woman’s purse, its kind of a personal choice and what I like may not be for everyone, but this is my favorite bag and I went through several before I found this one. This is why I like it:

1. It is small- fits in an overhead bin.
2. It has enough room to fit nearly all of my main lenses.
3. It is very comfy to carry.
4. It holds my laptop (17″ would be too big, but 15″ is great)
5. Has many nice extra features like a waterproof cover, waterproof flash card holding pockets, etc.

The one thing I dont like about it:

1. I wish there were more side pockets on the outside.

If you have any camera questions, feel free to send me an email and ask. I will be happy to answer and if I dont know the answer, I will find out. If I am asked a particular question often, I will post it here on the blog. 🙂

I have my first big wedding of the season Saturday. I can’t wait!