Love Everlasting just went live on iTunes! (See link in my bio) We have worked really, really hard on this for the last nearly 2 years. An incredible amount of time, money, thought, energy and resources went into this film. It was my first experience as a Producer, and I made a promise to Rob, Dallon and Lucky when we started that I would give it everything I had to help it be successful. I’m a very everything or nothing kind of person, and I believe that i fulfilled my promise. There were many, many other people who did the same, and when you have a group of people working together in such an unselfish way, anything is possible. I’m very proud of the film, everyone who worked on it and especially of the final product. (For my ultra conservative friends, there are 2 instances of the s word, and some violence, just a heads up). It would mean a lot to me if you guys checked it out and left an honest review on iTunes. I would also love to hear what you think! I’m already working on 2 new scripts. Thank you all for your support! #loveeverlastingmovie

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