Alex Armitage reviewing the Maven Filters Magnetic System

Long-Term Review of Maven Magnetic Filters by Alex Armitage

Photographer Alex Armitage offers an in-depth review of the Maven Magnetic Filter System after a year of extensive use. According to Armitage, these filters are “the best filter system on the market.” Notably, the strong and reliable magnets, along with a unique color-coded design, make the filters easy to identify and use. Armitage notes, “The image quality is exceptional, with minimal color cast and durable glass.” Additionally, he praises Maven’s outstanding customer service and the filters’ durability, stating that they “maintain their performance and quality even under harsh conditions.”

Key Features of Maven Magnetic Filters

Armitage highlights several key features of the Maven Magnetic Filters:

Strong Magnets: Ensuring the filters stay securely in place.

Color-Coded Design: Facilitating easy identification and quick swapping.

Minimal Color Cast: Providing high image quality without compromising colors.

Durability: Withstanding tough environmental conditions while maintaining performance.

Therefore, these features make the Maven Magnetic Filters an excellent choice for landscape photographers. Consequently, Armitage concludes that this system offers unmatched convenience and reliability, making it a valuable addition to any photographer’s toolkit.

Practical Usage Insights

Furthermore, Armitage provides practical insights into how these filters perform in real-world scenarios. Specifically, he mentions that the filters are particularly useful in situations requiring quick changes, such as when lighting conditions shift rapidly. “The magnetic attachment system allows for fast and secure changes, which is invaluable in the field,” he explains. This is a significant advantage for landscape photographers who often deal with changing weather and lighting.

Comparison with Other Systems

Moreover, in comparison to other filter systems, Armitage finds the Maven Magnetic Filters superior in several aspects. He states, “Other systems I have used often suffer from weak magnets or cumbersome designs that slow down the process.” Thus, the Maven system’s user-friendly design and robust construction set it apart from its competitors.

Customer Service and Support

Additionally, another highlight of Armitage’s review is the excellent customer service provided by Maven. He shares an experience where he needed assistance with a filter issue, and the response was prompt and helpful. “The support team at Maven was quick to address my concerns and provided a replacement filter without any hassle,” Armitage recalls. This level of support adds significant value to the product.

Versatility and Compatibility

Another noteworthy aspect is the filter system’s compatibility with various lenses. Armitage notes, “The filters fit perfectly on all my lenses, from wide-angle to telephoto, ensuring versatility across different types of photography.” This flexibility is crucial for photographers who use multiple lenses and need a consistent filter solution.


Overall, Alex Armitage’s review paints a comprehensive picture of the Maven Magnetic Filter System as a top choice for photographers seeking quality, convenience, and reliability. With strong magnets, a color-coded design, minimal color cast, and exceptional durability, these filters are a worthwhile investment for any serious photographer. Consequently, the outstanding customer service further enhances the appeal of the Maven Magnetic Filters, making them a standout option in the market.

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