Knocked out three lessons today on the upcoming Lighting Crash Course DVD. One of the lessons had to do with a play on the “Red Sunset” picture I took a couple days ago. That shot itself is a little tricky because you are dealing with a very bright background (the sun), moving foreground (waves) of much darker exposure, but the question I really wanted to know was this:

– Is it possible to do such a shot at 1″ or longer, only this time doing it as a portrait (with a model)?
– If so what would it look like?

Shooting a portrait at 1″ or longer is tricky business because living models tend to move and you get slight blur. That said, yes, it is possible to do these types of shots, and two, this is what they look like:

Both Shots were taken with the Canon 5DII , Canon 24-70 2.8L , settings were: 1″, f16, ISO 50 – I also used a single Alien Bee Studio LIght.

First without Michael Andrew Paintballer Pro Presets Then with Michael Andrew Paintballer Pro Presets: Again, there are flaws in both pictures (I am not crazy about the composition in either, but I am pleased with the lighting and the actual look. This type of shot is tricky because you have 3 parts of the image you are worrying about and they are each a different animal.

Had my Assistants Adam and Keoni there to help this time, and we recorded it as a lesson for the upcoming DVD so you can see how I go from start to finish.

Our model Leah snapped an iPhone pic of us setting up: