Been getting a lot of questions about the Lighting Crash Course and I wanted to give everyone an update:

We are adding about 20-25 minutes of lessons this week, and I still need to decide on and shoot the last 10-15 minutes before I go on my scuba trip. I am heading to Phuket, Thailand from the 9th-20th of Feb, and Adam tells me that most, if not all of the editing for those of you who want downloads around the time I get back. I will probably spend a day or two previewing the lessons, make a few tweaks, etc- It should go on sale at the end of Feb.

Originally, we were looking to do a 7-8 hour video, but decided against it. The longer projects are brutal productions, and they are more expensive in every way, including final price. A 7-8 hour crash course would run about $100. We made a strategic decision to redo, reshoot many lessons to make them even shorter and more to the point. The result is that the Lighting Crash Course will be about 3 hours 45 minutes long, and cost between $50-60. This is before the $10 coupon code I will offer for the first month of download sales. (If you want to be notified when these go out, make sure you are signed up for the newsletter).

Lighting Crash Course Topic highlights include:

A. A Crash Course on many aspects of the physics of light.
B. In depth lessons on Studio gear, equipment, set ups.
C. In depth lessons of Portrait Photography in Studio
D. In depth lessons on Product Lighting
E. The VERY best technique to master nearly all lighting situations. (This is my favorite lesson).
F. How to reverse engineer your favorite shots. (My 2nd fav lesson).
G. On location shoots, in difficult lighting conditions.

–One thing we decided to do about halfway through the project was to start shooting in HD, so those of you who do the direct downloads will have many lessons in HD. I would expect that the DVD will take about a week to resize for Standard Definition, and another month to before we have it stock on our shelves for order.

Just know that my assistant Adam and I are working pretty much all day, everyday on this video and are really looking forward to getting it wrapped up as soon as possible.