I’ve been getting lots and lots of emails about the LIghting Crash Course so Ill continue to update here until it launches:

One of the problems we are having is that most of this is in 1080 HD, which means the file sizes are rather large. We were able to upload all 8GB of it, but the files were too big for the server to allow downloads. The quick fix was to break it into smaller pieces until we can talk with the server team tomorrow, (they are on Eastern Time). Even still these files are pretty big and take time to upload, but we expect everything to be in place by tomorrow. We will test everything to make sure its working before we launch.

We anticipate the need for Standard Definition files, and will get started on those as soon as the HD ones go on sale. SD files will be smaller and faster to download for those of you who want that option.

Also: Those of you who download, we expect the material to change very, very slightly- audio levels, small little things, but you will be able to redownload the newer versions as they are updated. The DVD will not change once its done.