Ladies and Gentlemen….I am very, VERY pleased to announce that my Lighting Crash Course is now ready for immediate download!

We have had some small problems pop up over the last 48 hours and we expect a few a more to pop up over the next few days, so I personally thank you in advance for your patience. Whatever happens, just know we will work it out as fast and as best we can. We had some real issues with the server yesterday, and have everything worked out. We have even tested the downloads and know they work.

A few notes:

1. For a limited time only, the introductory price is just $45. I’m confident this will change shortly, probably to the $65 range (but I feel the course is really in the $250-300 value range.) I wanted to give those of you who have been checking my blog, Facebook, twitter, or newsletter first opportunity as well as a small discount. I always try to make it a point to over deliver, and for the price, I can absolutely, positively say: You will not find a better value or speed of Lighting photography training ANYWHERE.

2. We are trying our very best to evolve and provide the very best quality videos we can, and at this point, the Lighting Crash Course download is 1080 High Definition (HD)(though as a disclaimer a few lessons are SD). That said, the file sizes are pretty big, about 7GB for the whole course. We have broken it down into 4 parts, and it will depend on your internet connection, but I was personally able to download each part in less than an hour. The Course Runs about 225 minutes or 3 hours 45 minutes in length.

3. For those of you who have slow connections, I would advise downloading at night time, or downloading the Standard Definition (much smaller file sizes). which will be made available shortly.

4. We have also gone through a lot of work to set it up for those of you who want to pre-order the DVDs AND get the download, you can do so now, just make sure you select the Download / DVD Pre-Order Combo. The DVDs will ship as soon as we get them and we expect this to be sometime in late April.

5. We have already found a few very small errors which we will correct and update as soon as we can. These are very little things such as audio control and misspelled words, etc. If you see anything really waaaaaay off, please let meknow.

6. At one point we had about 20 minutes of “overlapping lessons” with the Speedlite Crash Course. We redid some things and it is really about 8 or 9 minutes, and we need to update me pointing this out in the intro.

Im very proud of the Lighting Crash Course. It is one of my best yet!

Im excited to hear what you guys think, so please feel free to comment or email me any reviews you have. Im looking forward to hearing from you!

Purchase Michael’s HIGHLY Anticipated Lighting Crash Course:

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PS- I wonder who will be the first to buy it? Im SO excited to finally get this thing out there for you guys!