For many living in the cooler climates of the US, it’s been a long winter. After such a hard winter photos of beautiful blue skies and green grass can be a relief. Another one of the staples of summertime are firefly’s. Their magical lights swarming the air on a summer night can capture the imagination of almost anyone who witnesses it.

Photographer Vincent Brady has taken that wonder and brought it to a whole new level. Using the same techniques used to create star-trails he has captured the trails of the little bugs. The photos are enchanting and seem unreal. It makes you consider what other amazing photographic possibilities there are for light omitting objects.

Speaking of light omitting objects, it’s evident in his work that it’s a serious interest of his. He’s drawn to clear skies and photographing light not seen by the naked eye. It’s also obvious he’s taken a lot of time to hone his craft. The source article states that Vincent Brady is from Missouri but on his personal website he states that he’s from Michigan.

In the video below you can check out a really unique time-lapse he made called ‘Fireflies’. In addition to some of his firefly work I’ve also included some of his star-trail photos because they’re really cool too. You can check out more of his work on his website by clicking here. Vincent Brady: Fireflies &emdash; Fireflies by the Rope SwingVincent Brady: Fireflies &emdash; 360 Firefly Panorama Over Lake of the OzarksVincent Brady: Fireflies &emdash; Fireflies of WoldumarVincent Brady: Planetary Panorama Project &emdash; Milky Way Rising at Delicate ArchVincent Brady: Planetary Panorama Project &emdash; Devils Tower & The Heavens