I could have sworn I’ve blogged about this, but apparently not. One of the most common types of questions I get is about how one lens compares to another, or how one body compares with another. There are other times a photographer only needs a certain lens for a few days, like I did on a shoot in Arizona this last month.

I have had a few really great experiences with www.lensrentals.com. The gear arrives extremely quick, in perfect condition and they have a number of lens rental options, discounts and extensions. For example, you could rent a D7100 for about $65 for a week.

Any photographer beyond a pure beginner should have it on their list of tools and it comes highly recommended by myself.

One of their lesson known services, a flat rate on yearly shipping! Thats right, pay one fee for the whole year. If you rent more than twice (which I do) it is worth it:Be sure to check outwww.lensrentals.com if you haven’t already!