I am currently running a little competition between three lenses:

Canon 18-200
Sigma 18-200
Tamron 18-270

They are all really great lenses, through I have determined a few differences which I will be outlining in my review. Here is a sample shot from last night, I was diggin the shadows on the wall and wanted to include them, yet still get a nice flash flare: Canon 7D , Settings were 1/30, f4.0 ISO 640, Sigma 18-200 , Michael Andrew Paintballer Pro Presets , which takes almost no time at all to get this signature look.

In terms of lighting, it was just 2 Canon Speedlites , set on Manual (both at 1/32 I believe) and triggered with an- ST-E2 Transmitter:

The real trick on this is using a Fill Card to convert the close Speedlite into a Large light source to get a nice, soft light on our model. The mistake would be to aim this Speedlite directly at the model, which would produce long, harsh shadows around the nose and eyes. I talk about the benefits of a large light source, and how to bounce on the Canon Speedlite Crash Course DVD

Here is the set up shot: