What is a Lens Pen?

It’s probably amazing to many of you that I have never tried one of these until today. We wrapped up shooting on the “Accessories for DSLRs” this morning. (Which BTW is turning into a pretty big DVD, we are at nearly 150 minutes, may end up being closer to 3 hours.)

Lens pens were one of the several different types of “Cleaning Kits” I demonstrated at todays shoot.

At first glance, I was not impressed at all. There are 2 ends to a good lens pen, one is a retractable soft brush. While it is nice to be able to conceal and retract, it doesn’t really bring anything new to the table.

The other end (2) however, is a different ball game. It would be best described as a soft rubber felt pad covered in some type of carbon dust. It cleans glass extremely well. While I still like microfiber cloths, this may be my new favorite for cleaning actual lens glass, especially on the inside of the lens (where it connects to the camera).

I also found that the different sizes were useful, the small green one worked great on my viewfinder!

Its a great little addition to any camera bag:

Lens Pen Kit on Bhphoto.com