I have a longer article that will explain why gun control is such a dangerous proposal but in the mean time, I wanted to make a recommendation on a very useful app for those of you who support the 2nd Amendment, called “Legal Heat”.Legal Heat is invaluable because it lists all of the state laws regarding both Open Carry (Where your weapon can be seen on your person) vs Concealed Carry (hidden from open view).

One of the biggest issues with carrying firearms is that the laws change from state to state. For example, Conceal Carry is legal without a permit in Arizona, while it as well as Open Carry is a serious crime in Hawaii. Some states will allow open carry (like California for example) but you cannot have a round in the chamber. Stuff like that. With 50 States and different laws for each, it is almost impossible to keep track of which states have which laws. If you have a conceal carry permit, which states would recognize your states permit?

Like I said I have another article coming that outlines the “big picture” problems with gun control. All these random shootings are absolutely terrible, and I also believe that citizens have a right to arm & defend themselves in these exact same situations.

If you are armed, the App is very, very useful.

Legal Heat Firearm Law App on Android Market
Legal Heat Firearm Law App on Apple iTunes Store