My buddy Dave Dugdale over at Learning DSLR Video released his long awaited introduction course this week on the Canon T4i for video shooters. I’ve known Dave through emails for well over 2 years now and he specializes in the video shooting intricacies of Canon dSLR cameras. While we have different teaching methods, he is very thorough and detailed. He also has a plethora of free Youtube videos covering a variety of subjects and comparisons and his website has a ton of great information.

While my Canon T4i Crash Course is really geared to the first time dSLR camera owners covering both photography and video, Dave’s focuses almost entirely on video, and there are several topics he covers which are not covered on mine as well as going into greater depth over many technical subjects needed for video.

If you are a Canon T4i owner, enjoyed my T4i crash course, and are looking for more information on video, you are definitely going to want to check out Dave’s video course on it: Learning DSLR’s Getting Started with the Canon T4i for Video