Wanted to make this quick post before I hit the road, the night before I left London to come back to the US I had a great shoot with Laurie and her family near Tower Bridge, it was awesome. These are my favorite shots including an accidental 365 for the day. (It was pretty dark, and this shot was made using a wireless speedlite and a large light disk).

This was my favorite family picture…a little different 🙂Something that hit me which I thought was pretty cool was the fact that the entire trip, as well as all the images and even my friend Mike coming along all happened because Laurie had enough faith and initiative to invite me to come to London for a one-on-one workshop. Im sure she was doubtful about asking, but because she took a chance and did- a lot of really great things came from it and I am so glad and thankful she did. I saw and did so many things (and took so many pictures!) that it hasnt sunk in all the way yet. I had an absolutely amazing time and am so thankful for the opportunity I had to meet Laurie and her family. 🙂