I’m alive and well. It’s crazy to think that in the last few days I
find myself working alone with 5 other Haitians. I have 2 drivers, a
truck, a personal body guard who goes by the name of “baby” and my
good friend Matthew. Matthew and I have hired the others to help us. I
feel completely safe with them, but I’m starting to worry about what my
dad is going to do to me when he finds out about some of the things I
do. At least once a day I find myself in pretty dangerous situations,
and it is absolutely worth it.

So far we have visited 11 orphanages from our list. 7 have no contact,
3 have support and one was relocated. We are attempting to get the
data to an organization who can sponsor or supply them. One of the
orphanages had 300+ children, the rest hover between 30-70. We believe
this will help facilitate faster aid to these groups, however I’m
quite certain several would have not been found with the locals asking
around. The whole trip has been a “connect the dot adventure”.

All of the GPS tagging, communicating with Toby, etc has been done on
the iPhone, which had been HUGE. No need for computer.

I’m camping at night in a small salvation army refugee camp, in a
tent. Every night I hear the women singing Haitian songs- and last
night I got to hear a woman give birth – not pretty sounds.

The children are absolutely beautiful. I will admit, it is stressful
just being here, the fear of aftershocks, riots, getting sick, etc is
there, but every time I find a missing orphanage I feel awesome. Toby
has been huge in relaying info. Communications are tough, sometimes I
have service, sometimes I don’t, but strangely facebook seems to be
working great.

I’m in for the night- exhausted and happy. Looking forward to tomorrow.