This is the last and final call for submissions for the 1st Annual Michael Andrew Photography Contest. Originally, the deadline was for us to receive it by August 20th, and due to the low number of applicants, I have decided to extend the deadline to be if your entry is postmarked by the 20th of August, but we must receive it no later than NOON on August 25th, which means if you were thinking about it and havent entered yet, its not too late. Just have it post marked (stamped by the post office) by Thursday.

Im still very surprised at the low volume of entrants we have had, and what this means is we have a lot of great prizes just WAITING for someone to claim them. The competition isn’t going to be very stiff at all. So…why not take a stab at it. You might just end up winning a prize!

Please make sure to include all of your information (Name, email, category, etc) with your submissions.

If you are using or to enter your pictures (submitting to these labs, having them print and send) make absolutely sure you email our awesome contest coordinator Kelly with: your Name, Address, Email, Phone, Photo File Name as well as which category it was to be entered. Her email address is: [email protected]

As I mentioned, we havent had many entries. We want this to be a HUGE event every year. The more people we get entering, the more prizes we will have. Ill be givining away one of my T1i Rebels to the winner as soon as we finish shooting the DVD. These cameras cost about $900, so its a pretty serious prize. Also giving away MA Lollipops and MA Paintballer Pro, as well as many DVDs, along with the recognition to be able to become an “award winning photographer”. 🙂 Here is are the original details of the contest:

I am officially opening our first (hopefully annual) Michael Andrew Photography Contest. There will be 5 categories (im open to adding more, but this should cover most):

Portraiture (People)
Landscape / Nature

Winners of each category will receive a free copy of either Michael Andrew Paintballer Pro or Michael Andrew Lollipops (their choice) – If we have enough submissions, there will be additional prizes for 2nd and 3rd place winners.

Of the 5 category winners, one will be selected as “Best of Show” of the contest and be awarded one of the Canon Rebel T1i Cameras, with 18-55mm Kit Lens (in like new condition) used to film Michael’s next video: Canon Rebel T1i Crash Course DVD.

To Enter:

You must print your submission on an 8 x 10 (with a white border) to:

Michael Andrew Photography Contest
1141 Nashville Circle
Indianapolis, IN 46229

Deadline for submissions is Aug 20th 2009

You may enter more than one category, but may not enter more than one into each. By Submitting your photo you agree to have your image displayed at the Nashville Workshop as well as on this blog and possibly other websites when announcing the winner. Be sure to include: Name, Address, Email, Phone, Photo File Name as well as which category it was to be entered. If you have any questions please contact the contest coordinator, Kelly. Her email address is: [email protected]

Good luck!