I consider myself a big M.Night fan. He is clearly talented and I used to tell myself I would see anything he made, but after watching Knock at the Cabin I am not sure anymore. There were two main problems I had with it:

1. This is really a 10-15 minute concept that was stretched out to be a full length film. If you have watch the preview, you know everything about the movie, and can probably figure out how it unfolds.

(A Spoiler In Password: Cabin)2. There were waaaaay to many scenes & themes of what amounted to taking ones own life. This wasn’t something that popped up once or twice, it was literally through the whole movie, often in an extremely graphic way, and I felt like it was trying to make the argument of normalizing or justifying it. Definitely not a fan of that.

For this reason, I would say skip it all together.