Got this tip from a faithful blog reader. My understanding is that these bags are not just for female photographers, they have a male line coming soon. They appear somewhat similar to JC’s Shoot Sac (which I typically recommend to female shooters looking for a side lens bag) though the material, design and look is completely different. I also think the additional pockets are an important addition, I always have more stuff I’m carrying than just lenses.

While I personally do not use or prefer side carry bags, Ive always been a big believer of carrying my gear in the least conspicuous looking bag possible, otherwise you are advertising: “Hey, I have $10-20 K of gear in here- come rob me.” – These definitely do not look like camera bags to me.

Secondly, she has done a great job on her website, very professional looking and its a great lesson on presentation / showmanship. “Cinematic Bride” is probably on of the top 5 best wedding videographers in the country- if you do wedding videography you need to check out his work- it’s jaw dropping.

For a limited time, the promo code “FUNFAB20” will save you $20 on any bag.

Kelly Moore Camera Bags

As always, if you have any information on new gear, gadgets, apps, etc, send me a link and Ill check it out. If I like it- you can count on me making a post on it! 🙂