Research has shown that phones and other devices regularly carry bacteria that causes all kinds of illness. Unfortunately, your toilet is probably cleaner than your phone or tablet. Not to mention all the fingerprints and smudges cruding up your screen. With a combination of brightly colored functional designs and capable of safely killing 99.9% of germs this product is pretty much a must-have.

The all-in-one product has a spray pump interior with a microfiber cloth exterior. It’s a nice little design that’ll clean and disinfect all of your portable devices with ease. The main selling point is not having to tote around an ugly spray bottle, wipe, or any of the packaging that comes along with it. You just throw this in your bag and you’re all set. The manufacturer AM has been in business since the 70’s when they made products cleaning products for record players and vinyl. They also sell the refill bottles of the cleaning solution and replacement microfiber cloths.

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