Been spending a lot of time editing the Haiti Book, and what I am so amazed about is I am able to track down what happened on what day, sometimes to the hour because I took good notes and can look up certain events on emails, or GPS tags. I find it rather fascinating that when I get a few clues about a certain day or event, its enough to start a chain reaction of memories.

Most of my notes on Japan were pretty much posted on here, and I wasn’t as nearly as detailed in my journal. Its also equally amazing how much I have already forgotten so fast because I didn’t write certain things down.

There were several years in college I kept journal entries every single day. I can go back and pretty much relive those years no problem. I feel sad to know that there are so many things I have learned and experienced and then have forgotten all about because I didn’t write them down. It seems as I get older there is a lot more of the day in, day out same old thing everyday, not as much learning and experiencing for the first time – maybe thats my fault, but there has been a lot going on the last year, both good and bad I haven’t written about. I need to do a better job about that, so I have started writing again regularly- on paper. You never know what will happen with hard drives or the internet.

Sometimes I wish I could be brave enough to share absolutely everything I learn and experience in life on the blog, obviously some things I would never share but I do have some pretty good personal experiences and insights I need to be more free with. Ill try to do a better job about that.

My new full time assistant, Adam, has been working full time for a week now and he has really helped. I already feel a ton of stress leaving and it looks like we will be starting production again this next week on the Lighting Crash Course DVD. I have a second assistant trying out right now, he will specialize in the Apps, so far he is doing pretty good, but we will have to see if he can handle the technical side of it. In any event, I finally have some very much needed help and it is making a huge difference.