Today was a really interesting day and I learned a lot about a lot of different things. I had a fun Photo Safari planned with a Photo Touring Company here. Its run by a fantastic landscape photographer, Vince Tyler and his wife, Michelle. The concept is that Vince or his son takes you to all these great locations and you get to take some nice pictures. Ive never been here and I figured it would save me tons of time, plus I could learn from Vince about landscape work.

The problem with today was, it was COMPLETELY overcast, which is great for portrait photography, but really awful for landscape photography, at least on Kauai. Vince asked me if I wanted to go or not and said I could reschedule if I wanted. I considered it for a moment and I had this thought come to me. It wasnt so much about the overcast sky, or photography, but the concept that less than perfect conditions could change my attitude towards something I would otherwise enjoy, it was like bailing out on the shoot would create some flaw in my approach to life. Obstacles happen and for a person with the right attitude, it just doesnt matter.

I wanted to say a big thank you to Vince, I had a fantastic time and learned so much about landscape photography. I am really excited to get out there when the sun is shining and apply what I have learned. If you are ever on Kauai and enjoy photography, this is probably the best investment you can spend. Vince was very knowledgeable about his craft and a very nice guy. Be sure to check out their website: Kauai Photo Tours

Here are a couple of my favorites for the day: Near the end of the tour, we were walking in from the dock where the jumpers picture was taken. I saw this really beautiful, tall woman walking by us and I was surprised by how freaking tall she was. I am almost 6’4″ with shoes on and she was about an inch taller than me (she had shoes too). So I just threw out a “Dang girl- you are tall!”.

I didnt really think anything of it, I throw things like this all the time to strangers, as a way of complimenting them. This woman turns back and says something, it could have been: “I played a lot of volleyball” or something, but now that I think about it was more likely something along the lines of “You are as handsome as I am tall”. The two are pretty similar, didnt really hear it, you know how that is.

A few moments later, Vince asks “You know who that was dont you? That was Gabrielle Reese.” As in the volleyball player/model. I still dont really know who she is, but I do remember feeling a flood of relief coming over me, and I sighed a big “whew!”

I mean…what if she would have recognized me? Then I would be stuck there for like an hour signing autographs and taking pictures with fans. Im a pretty busy guy, I mean who has time for that?