I know I have been really quiet the last couple weeks, and it may seem like I am not doing much. Truth of the matter is I am working away furiously as usual on a number of different projects. I wish SO BAD I could talk about them, but have to be really careful about what I say on the blog these days. In about 2 weeks expect several announcements on several different products, one of which should be the completion of the Advanced Photography DVD and a Brand New DVD product that has not been discussed, we have already shot and edited about 5 hours of it, it should be about 7-8 hours total. There is definitely an advantage to not discussing new products until they are essentially finished. This gives you an important head start on competition. Rest assured, if it is a good idea, someone will eventually copy you and try to either price cut you, or offer more features. If they know what you are planning and working on, they can “scoop” you- something we referred to in the Genetics Research world as someone taking your idea and doing something with it before you can for whatever reason. I have learned this the hard way- there is a reason Apple and other large companies keep things secret.

I wont be doing another Photoshop Crash Course on CS5 simply because all of the essential skills a beginner would want to know remain the same. The Photoshop Crash Course Training DVD remains, in my opinion my best work as far as training videos go because it covers so much ground so fast.

Been also getting a lot of questions on the Android verison of Photographers Contract Maker. The short answer is this: it could happen, we have researched it and it is on the table, but it probably wont be happening anytime soon and in fact, you should plan on it not happening. I know that is heartbreaking for many of you, but there are several reasons, one of which that we do not want to split a product until all the new features are installed, and PCM has many, many more features to install. If we do an Android version now, before the updates, then we have 2 products to upgrade, and we have slowed our workflow down.

I am also working really hard this week to crank out another book. I say another because I have written a few, but this will be the first one to be published and I think most of you will enjoy it. I wrote 40 pages just today, and figure by the end of the week I should have a rough draft handy. I think the proof reading and editing will be the hard part. It will be interesting to publish a new book, about a new topic and I think it will help a lot of people out there. I do not intend to talk much more about it until I am finished, just wanted to let you guys know that its coming and in the works. I am pretty much committed to staying in Alabama until it is finished.

Sometimes I think I get too much on my plate, I would rather just deal with one or two things at a time, but some things take time…a LOT of time, and while some projects are “marinating” in different phases of development, I cannot help to get something else started. Good things coming, it should be one of my best years.