Based on the Character and Book written by Edgar Rice Burroughs (same guy who wrote Tarzan) over 100 years ago, I enjoyed it. My Dad tells me there is a whole series which he enjoyed reading as a young boy. I would be willing to see the next installment too. Seriously, for a sci-fi adventure 60 years before Star Wars, I have to give Mr. Burroughs some props. That said, I also think we are a bit spoiled with the Sci-Fi genre so dont expect to have your socks blown off. Some of the directing and acting feels “off”. John Carter at times looks pale and sick (I hear the diet the actor went through to lean out made him faint on several occasions). This is visible. That said, this is still a fun movie if you dont take it too seriously.

A definite rental, solid theater movie if you love making a weekly visit.