Had a wonderful, wonderful shoot today. I couldn’t help but to try my the painted look on a picture of the beautiful couple Jessica and Tony. Right now it takes some serious time to get this just right, but its so worth it! I have a ton of appreciation for my couples and I will do anything I can to take care of them. Did I mention how much I love my job?

I believe I will offer a “painted” look portrait to all my clients from now on. Its a very different and unique look, and gives them something they cant find elsewhere. 🙂Wedding band…..Knife.Look at Jessica’s eyes…thats her real eye color. Amazing! One interesting this about this Jessica’s wedding is that we are doing her bridal shoot in June. Its going to be a “trash the dress” shoot too! I can’t wait! 🙂Ive been playing around with this shot for a while, it makes for a great ring picture. You can never go wrong with a beautiful bride and window light. Adorable!All the hardware together. I couldnt resist!The dress!I had a bit of a challenge. This was the first wedding Ive ever shot that I wasnt allowed inside the chapel for the ceremony. I was however, allowed to shoot through a small glass cross on the door, and I learned that if you just stick your lens right over the opening, you really can take quite a few interesting shots. Your angle of view is not affected as much as your location. It was good to try this out. Marie- One of the beautiful bridesmaids.So many more wonderful pictures! Thank you Jessica, Tony, your family and friends for such a great wedding! I am excited to start building your album. 🙂